For hygienic applications - The new POBS wheel series

A clean solution, even in wet environments

Regardless of whether in the bakery, in the butcher’s shop, with transport of food, or in commercial kitchens - hygiene is the highest priority throughout the food industry.

grosskueche Here usually hard plastic wheels have been used to meet the high hygienic requirements. The castors are not allowed to leave marks on the floor or be vulnerable to water in the mostly humid environment. The disadvantage of plastic wheels is, however, in the very audible operating noise and the lack of shock absorption of the material being transported.

POBS-Lenkrolle This is exactly where polyurethane treads have their strengths: low-noise operation, floor surface preservation, excellent rolling resistance, and very high operational comfort. The lack of hydrolysis resistance has so far prevented this wheel series from being used in the food industry, however. From constant contact with water, the wheels would eventually corrode and the dirt particles created would negatively affect the production environment.

With the new POBS wheel series, Blickle now unites the positive properties of a high-quality polyurethane tread with high hygienic requirements. The tread of the POBS series is made out of a specially developed, reaction-injected premium polyurethane Blickle Besthane Soft and is one-hundred percent hydrolysis resistant and corrosion resistant. The material is also extremely resistant to many aggressive chemicals. In addition the wheels have an outstanding dynamic load capacity suited for up to 500 kilograms. The thick and soft-injected tread ensures comfortable, low-noise running and does not leave any marks or discolourations on the floor. The wheel series can be used without problems at temperatures ranging from -25 to +70 degrees Celsius.

The bracket of the manufactured swivel and fixed castors of this series is made out of high-quality chromium nickel stainless steel, making the bracket likewise optimum for use in humid environments.

After this innovation has proven itself in many customer projects, the wheel series has now become a part of Blickle standard programme.