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Blickle guide rollers for conveyor technology and machine engineering


Whether for escalators and conveyor belts in production plants or machine engineering: In a wide range of applications, guide rollers ensure that whatever is supposed to move actually does move. The requirements are just as wide-ranging as their areas of use: from corrosion and temperature resistance, electrical conductivity to low rolling resistances and high load capacities.

The six product lines in the Blickle guide roller range cover all possible requirements. The product lines were designed to cover a wide range of applications related to material handling, mechanical engineering and systems engineering. Some rollers are subject to brief and frequent loads, while others are under a continuous, even load. Rollers which are used outdoors have to withstand fluctuating temperatures and extreme weather conditions. If they come into contact with water, chemicals or abrasive materials, they must be resistant. On the other hand, at high speeds, dynamic load capacity is required; in sensitive sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, electrical conductivity is required. Low rolling resistances improve the energy efficiency of systems and help to fulfil environmental conditions.

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Kieswerk-Foerderanlage_202x135pxThe right material for every task
Our wide range of internally developed materials helps us to meet the wide variety of requirements which customers have for our castors. Treads can be made of impact-resistant nylon, the polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Extrathane or thermoplastic polyurethane. The wheel centres are available in steel or nylon versions. In addition, various variants are available for special requirements, e.g. with corrosion resistant ball bearings, electrically conductive, non-marking or especially heat-resistant. Each product line includes a wide range of wheel diameters, widths and load capacities. This means that we have the right castor for almost any application.

Special solutions for special uses

Abfuellanlage-220x146pxWe can also provide special solutions to meet specific requirements. One customer asked us to design guide rollers for an innovative conveyor belt. These had to overcome edges three millimetres wide and up to two millimetres deep, which caused severe impact loads. In addition, the belt did not run parallel to the wheel axle, so that convention rollers wore unevenly and so-called edge-runners were the result. We developed some guide rollers using high-performance PEEK to meet this challenge. This material is particularly hard and rigid and can withstand heavy loads. Two ball bearings support a wide area of the wheel centre and the tread was modified to the geometry of the conveyor belt. This guaranteed that the system would run reliably and with little need for maintenance.

This is just one of many special solutions which Blickle has developed to meet specific mechanical and systems engineering requirements.