Top marks for Blickle

Positive feedback from the 2018 international customer satisfaction survey

In October 2018, Blickle reached out to its customers for the latest iteration of its customer satisfaction survey. The survey is sent to customers in Germany as well as customers of the Blickle branches every two years. Customers are emailed a link to a survey which they can fill out online at their leisure. Once again, the response to the 2018 survey was considerable (with 17 countries represented) and overwhelmingly positive.

The survey provided vital information about where Blickle is performing well and the areas where there is still room for improvement. Respondents gave their opinion about Blickle’s website, the support provided by our office staff and field employees and how they feel generally about Blickle as a supplier. They also rated different areas of the website like the product finder, the CAD download service and the online shop.

Blickle performed even better overall than in the 2016 survey. Customers were particularly positive about the quality of Blickle’s products, the company’s performance as a supplier and the expert advice provided by our field employees and office staff.

This shows that being committed to your customers day-in and day-out is a winning strategy, and motivates us to find new ways to improve customer satisfaction.

Blickle would like to thank every customer who took part in the survey.