Improving system performance with the right castors

BEUMER Group relies on Blickle when enhancing its sorting and distribution systems

Automatic sorting and distribution systems have to be quicker, more reliable and more efficient than ever before, in a wide variety of conditions. The BEUMER Group, a global leader in the supply of intra-logistics systems, is committed to using high-quality components to enhance its systems, such as the wheels and castors provided by the specialist Blickle. These high-speed, low-noise wheels and castors are capable of handling significant loads with optimised energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements.

From airport baggage handling systems to the distribution centres of post and package services or industrial intra-logistics, more and more users are realising the benefits of using automatic sorting and distribution systems. They provide a reliable and quick system for transporting a wide variety of goods to a precise location saving workers from the stress and strain of lifting, carrying or pushing loads. These computerised systems can handle large quantities, complex material flows or peak loads with ease. They provide greatly improved productivity and efficiency for users compared to manual handling processes.

Beumer_Sortier- und VerteilsystemeThe BEUMER Group is one of the world’s largest suppliers in this area. The system provider is based in Beckum, Westphalia. It plans and implements tailored transport and loading systems, palletisation and packaging technology and sorting and distribution systems for a wide variety of sectors. Established in 1935 as a machine works, the company now employs around 4000 people, with branches and representative offices around the globe. The annual turnover of the group is around € 750 million.

Efficient sorting for parcels, goods or luggage

In line with the general trend, sorting and distribution systems are becoming faster, more efficient and more effective. This demand is particularly strong within the distribution centres of carrier, express and package shipping services. “The boom in online shopping has caused the number of shipments to explode. At the same time, customers expect deliveries to reach them quickly,” explains Matthias Lohmann, Director of Purchasing at the BEUMER Group. The situation is the same at airports: “The enormous size of modern airports make it difficult for operators to sort and handle luggage in a prompt and secure manner. The only way to do this is by using cutting edge high-tech systems.” BEUMER provides tailored and high-performance sorting and distribution systems for a wide variety of sectors. These systems ensure that luggage, parcels and goods pass through intra-logistics systems and reach their destination reliably and safely.

Beumer_AnlagenThe speed of sorting systems has to be continually enhanced in order to improve their performance. This increased speed puts the system under greater strain, which has a particularly noticeable impact on guide rollers. These components are responsible for ensuring that systems run with low noise and low resistance. “We weren’t happy with the times that we were achieving with our previous castors,” remembers Lohmann.

The BEUMER Group started to look for a partner who could provide a more effective alternative for this application, and selected Blickle out of a group of bidders. Blickle has developed an extensive portfolio of guide rollers which are perfectly tailored for a variety of applications. Blickle always draws on its extensive standard range to provide its customers with the solution which best meets their needs. Users can choose from a wide variety of materials developed by Blickle.

909209_mit_Schatten_WebClose partnerships the way to success

The two companies worked closely together on this project. Blickle conducted extensive tests. The results of these tests convinced the BEUMER Group to go with Blickle’s recommendation to use wheels with a tread made of the reaction-injected polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Besthane for their sorting and distribution systems. This material provides a high level of operational performance and is very abrasion-resistant. The wheels are quiet and have a low starting and rolling resistance. The result is a quiet and energy-efficient operation. A special aluminium body optimises heat dissipation and makes sure that the bearing is seated securely. In addition, the polyurethane is resistant to moisture.

“The new guide rollers significantly improved the performance of our sorting systems,” enthused Dr. Andreas Werner, Director of Innovation at BEUMER. “Blickle castors run smoothly and are capable of handling significant loads. This ensures that the system runs reliably with little need for maintenance.” In addition to the technical advantages of Blickle products, the BEUMER Group also appreciated the delivery speed of the company, as well as its adherence to delivery times. “The components are an important part of our transport and sorting systems,” emphasised Werner. Blickle is a reliable partner which will enable us to develop quick, high-performance systems. These systems will give us an advantage over the competition which we can pass on to our customers.”